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US-3098999-A: Voltage monitor system patent, US-3319392-A: Flexible ceramic file unit patent, US-3353679-A: Triangular-type horizontal flow settling basins patent, US-2513333-A: Power take-off mechanism patent, US-2525463-A: Control for electric blankets and the like patent, US-2900005-A: Safety tire construction patent, US-3343219-A: Shoe sole molding apparatus patent, US-2418700-A: Cornhusking machine patent, US-2761254-A: Apparatus for finishing surfaces having shapes which vary along their lengths patent, US-3211854-A: Electro-magnetic relay utilizing spring clip means to facilitate assembly of the relay patent, US-3248045-A: Centrifugal separator of the continuous process type patent, US-2442459-A: Cargo container for airplanes patent, US-2464651-A: Boundary layer control and air compressor for rotary wing aircraft patent, US-2638355-A: Steering assembly for tandem wheel vehicles patent, US-2678367-A: Electric resistance welding machine for spot or seam welding patent, US-3149391-A: Elevator spider patent, US-2683087-A: Absorbent cellulosic products patent, US-2989280-A: Electro-mechanical beauty chair patent, US-3039344-A: Stock shear having stock stop and clamping means patent, US-3231899-A: Garment construction patent, US-3242558-A: Method of making intermediate shell construction for silencer or muffler patent, US-2537529-A: Document photographing machine patent, US-2918098-A: Fruit orientator, splitter and pitter patent, US-3485539-A: Roller bearing multiple section drawer track patent, US-3504384-A: Toilet bowl cleaning and disinfecting device patent, US-2557166-A: Thread grinding machine patent, US-3142852-A: Automatic toothbrush patent, US-2704444-A: Compensating holder for paper cups patent, US-2017178-A: Cushion seat cover patent, US-2022481-A: Circulating and mixing system patent, US-2024478-A: Proportioning device for liquids patent, US-2027288-A: Sheet piling patent, US-2038513-A: Tube base and socket patent, US-2041172-A: Pump or motor patent, US-2050166-A: Seal for rolling mill bearings patent, US-2050309-A: Game apparatus patent, US-2050980-A: Bottle case patent, US-2063066-A: Method and apparatus for processing material patent, US-2071404-A: Weighing scale patent, US-2074850-A: Game board net patent, US-2075932-A: Abrader attachment for writing instruments patent, US-2079597-A: Method and means for the recovery of precious metals patent, US-2090417-A: Refrigerating apparatus patent, US-2097286-A: Power generating apparatus patent, US-2097904-A: Production of maleic acid patent, US-2102778-A: Photophonographic apparatus patent, US-2105067-A: Pump patent, US-2114567-A: Thermostatic pump patent, US-2115853-A: Dispensing carton patent, US-2117359-A: Phthalic anhydride production patent, US-2120852-A: Valve assembly patent, US-2126310-A: Transmitter for fluid pressure systems patent, US-2131969-A: Sealed package patent, US-2136440-A: Trailer hitch patent, US-2138180-A: Ventilator of the louver type patent, US-2141878-A: Fastener member and installation of the same patent, US-2142012-A: Liquefier patent, US-2144297-A: Manufacture of tanning materials patent, US-2148902-A: Gas absorbing system patent, US-2154897-A: Unit building construction patent, US-2155390-A: Sighting means for guns patent, US-2156259-A: Seismic-electric prospecting by means of continued waves patent, US-2162387-A: Plastic compound patent, US-2179144-A: Excess flow check valve patent, US-2179231-A: Container patent, US-2181777-A: Split drawing patent, US-2181892-A: Combination baby and parcel carrier patent, US-2193499-A: Condenser attachment patent, US-2194433-A: Apparatus for charring barrels patent, US-2194879-A: Film apparatus patent, US-2197070-A: Torque transmitting mechanical coupling patent, US-2203708-A: Deviation indicator patent, US-2204542-A: Apparatus for forming stopcock barrels patent, US-2208697-A: Curb clearance signal device for automobiles patent, US-2209049-A: Engine starter patent, US-2210387-A: Amplifier patent, US-2210835-A: Paper-coating pigment and pigment composition patent, US-2219811-A: Rod straightening and handling mechanism for headers patent, US-2229153-A: Transmission patent, US-2229524-A: Method of making enamel ware patent, US-2232780-A: Light source and method of producing the same patent, US-2235646-A: Masonry patent, US-2252251-A: Rotary tooth cleaner patent, US-2256729-A: Multiple jet sprinkler patent, US-2259772-A: Display card patent, US-2261034-A: Apparatus for fining molten glass patent, US-2265111-A: Fabrication of lamp shades and the like patent, US-2273645-A: Quick detachable electric lamp and socket construction patent, US-2278690-A: Frequency control system patent, US-2288580-A: Production of unsaturated compounds patent, US-2295201-A: Removable denture patent, US-2301911-A: Control system for motion picture apparatus patent, US-2306533-A: Electrical conductor patent, US-2307623-A: Seam opening device patent, US-2308117-A: Imprinting apparatus patent, US-2308866-A: Progressive purification of biologically impure liquids patent, US-2316619-A: Control system patent, US-2319431-A: Inner spring cushion and mattress structure patent, US-2324508-A: Military vehicle body patent, US-2342210-A: Belt fastening means patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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